MG Models


MG has been ahead of its time since the brand’s inception in the Morris Garages in 1924.
Now a new generation can choose a car with innovation from this iconic brand.
Updated, electrified, recharged and ready for the future.
BRIT Dynamic
Innovation of EVs
Future Cars


Free service,spare part ,maintenance 4 years/ 50.000 KM
Warranty engine 5 years/ unlimited kilometer

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MG Menggebrak Pasar Tanah Air dengan Mengumumkan Terobosan Harga Mobil Listrik MG4 EV

MG Siap Guncang Pasar Kendaraan Listrik Indonesia dengan Mengumumkan Harga Resmi MG4 EV-nya

MG Hadirkan Solusi Kendaraan Hijau Revolusioner MG4 EV di Kota Pekanbaru!