British Automotive Standards That Comes With Every MG Car

When our long-accumulted expertise meets new knowledge in diverse fields, all has culminated in the automobile standard that covers 4 aspects:
Cutting-edge performance, superb handling, striking sporty design, and fully-packed safety system, allowing maximum freedom, safety, and imagination to your every drive.


Speed is our spirit
MG is inspired by a race car. Speed flows in our veins. Thus, we carefully select the “TURBO” engine, one of BRIT DYNAMIC standardized mechanics to stimulate excitement in every ride.
The Turbo Charge System is a technology used widely in European supercars to boost engine performances and enhance speed accelerations.
High performance and efficient engine is propelled by a complete combustion process with a powerful acceleration rate resulting in a full controllable speed. The engine is made from 100% aluminum to ensure your confidence. So, the whole body is highly durable and lightweight. From now on, you can leap to freedom with confidence. There is no destination you can't reach anymore.


Speed for your precise control
With a European-Standard Chassis BRIT DYNAMIC steel framework that has been adjusted at Silverstone circuit in the United Kingdom by 50 engineers for over 28 months, you will definitely sense the stability during your drive and a precise control.
One of the best suspension systems in Europe. Reduce instability for your soft, smooth rides. Separate left and right wheels freely for your safety. One wheel's slide won't affect wheels on another side. Drive securely in both straight road and curves with STABILIZER BAR equipped at front and back wheel bases, which is designed to absorb side pressure when the car faces with slopes. So, you can boost the speed up with confidence everywhere.


Speed catches every eyesight
MG was born in The UK. Until now the British stylish design remains in each and every car of ours. We have a modern and meticulous design of UK Technical Centre. The interior is simple with a subtle hint of british gentlemen charm. From console to seats, all are tailor-made neatly with genuine leather. For the exterior, our design team applies AERO DYNAMIC system to every MG cars structure, which is aero dynamically save your fuel. When the air flows smoothly through your car, you can gear up to its full speed.


Speed elevates safety
The most essential thing in driving is you. This is the reason we always care for safety. MG believes the effective safety system is essential. To prevent the accident, we are heavily focused on SYNCHRONIZED PROTECTION SYSTEM, which reduces chances of road accidents mostly caused by suspension systems and improper brakes. Some key features of MG security system under the BRIT DYNAMIC standard are as follows: