MG, the leader in intelligent automobiles

Because of the belief that the best technology and engineering doesn't have to be just on the racetrack. MG is committed to developing cars to cover the lifestyles of modern consumers in all dimensions with four core principles: Electrification, Sharing, Intelligent Connectivity and Globalization.

EV innovation of the future

An EV or Electric Vehicle is a vehicle powered by electric power. Instead of using petrol, EVs store energy in rechargeable batteries. and bring those electrical energy to drive through electric motors As a result, EV cars have the highest torque since starting. because there is no need to wait around the engine therefore leaving quickly Moreover, the position of placing the battery also plays an important role in creating the balance of the car The battery was placed on the floor of the car. will have a low center of gravity which makes driving performance better
Cars powered by 100% electric power, in addition to making driving better. Still does not require combustion to drive. resulting in a quieter cabin no engine noise and no exhaust gases from burning energy Easy to drive, does not cause air pollution and noise environmentally friendly